Our children must have a happy future Should be billions of hryvnia in offshore?
Strength and defensibility

Our task is strong armed forces! The armed forces that can protect our people from the enemy. We need this power to protect our borders and at the same time millions of lives of our citizens. Strong armed forces is a guarantee that our voice will become important in the world.


Our country is obliged to go through the path of purification for the sake of the future of our children. There is no place for thieves, corrupt officials and oligarchs in our land. It is time to put things in order, and one can do it only with an "iron hand" and only with an iron will!


Retribution and strong orderliness! Strong orderliness and discipline! Only awareness of the inevitability of punishment can lead to order both on the streets and in parliament.


The resources of Ukraine are the property of the Ukrainian people. Our gas, our electricity, our water - this is what the Russian oligarchs in fact have stolen from us. Today, they feed our enemy. Return all the things stolen over the years to Ukrainian people - this is our most important task and our position. The question of nationalization is one of the most important stages in the development of our country.

Trade union movement

Globally trade unions are the engine of the struggle for justice, for the rights of working people. For us this is a tool for redistribution of financial flows in the pockets of officials. We need "new blood"! Only young, patriotic people imbued with sense of justice can raise trade unions in our country.


Socialism is the state religion of social equality and protection of people. We must always remember God. This helps to restrain pridefulness.

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