Socialist Party of Ukraine: «Strong State. Social Justice. Order and Law»

Socialist Party of Ukraine: «Strong State. Social Justice. Order and Law»

Illia Kyva
Illia Kyva

Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine

Viktor Zaika
Viktor Zaika

Member of the political council

Barabash Vitaliy
Barabash Vitaliy

Head of the Donetsk regional organization of the SPU

Serhiy Vozny
Serhiy Vozny

A member of the Political Council and Chairman of Kyiv Regional Organization of the SPU

Herasymenko Dmytro
Herasymenko Dmytro

Chairman of Poltava City Organization of the SPU

Holiaka Serhiy
Holiaka Serhiy

Head of Zhytomyr regional organization of the SPU

Kostik AnatolIy
Kostik AnatolIy

Head of Volyn Regional Organization of the SPU

Skvarsky Oleh
Skvarsky Oleh

Head of the Chernihiv City organization of the SPU

Kyrylo Stremousov
Kyrylo Stremousov

A member of the Political Council and Head of the Kherson Regional Organization of the SPU

Serhiy Cherednichenko
Serhiy Cherednichenko

Head of Poltava Regional Organization of the SPU


Basic principles of the activities of the Socialist Party of Ukraine


Progress and achievements

The SPU was the initiator of the adoption of the Constitution by the Parliament in 1996. The "Constitutional Night," when parliamentarians worked on the Constitution until the morning, allowed Ukraine to avoid a political crisis - if the Constitution were not adopted, President Leonid Kuchma would have dissolved the Verkhovna Rada and imposed his version of the Framework Law, which granted the president dictatorial powers.                                                                                                                                

The Socialists played a decisive role in frustrating the attempt to implement the results of the referendum held on April 16, 2000 through parliament. Observers stated that during the vote counting, massive violations were committed at the referendum, and the results of the plebiscite were gerrymandered. One of the questions of this referendum was the creation of a two-chamber parliament in Ukraine - this would have created the prerequisites for the transformation of Ukraine into a federal state and the development of regional separatism. The SPU was totally against the approval of the results of the referendum. The events of 2014 proved the rightness of the Socialists.                                                                                                                

In 2000, the Socialist Party released information about Kuchma's involvement in the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, as a result of which Kuchma became "non-handshakable" in most Western countries.                                                                                                                        

In December 2004, the SPU became one of the main initiators of the adoption of the constitutional reform by the Verkhovna Rada, which transformed Ukraine from a presidential-parliamentary to the parliamentary-presidential republic.                                                                                                           

In 2004, the party became an associated member of the Socialist International. 


The SPU was one of the initiators of the "Ukraine without Kuchma" protest movement in December 2000. It failed, but allowed the consolidation of anti-Kuchma political forces, which later played a decisive role in the democratization of the country.

The SPU became an active participant in the "Rise, Ukraine!" movement in September 2002. In the first day so far more than 100,000 people took part in it.                                                                               

In 2004, the SPU became one of the most active participants of the Orange Revolution, which did not allow falsifying the results of the presidential elections and led to the power of democratic forces.

The revival of the party

From 1994 to 2007, the SPU was represented in the parliament by a large number of its members, but in the future the party was not very popular with voters.                                                                

In July 2017, Illia Kyva headed the SPU. He intended to purify the party and strengthen its positions in the "left-wing field." In December 2017, he announced the beginning of the decommunization of the SPU. As a result, ex-party chairman Petro Ustenko and a number of his associates were expelled from the party - they were unveiled in an attempt to sell the party to the Kremlin, as well as in secret negotiations with other political forces that were at odds with the previous arrangements.

During the second stage of the SPU congress held on February 4, 2018 the party proclaimed that the priority for it is patriotism, which implies a complete restoration of Ukraine's control over its territory within the borders of 2013.

An Updated Program of the Socialist Party of Ukraine


Strong State

Social Justice

Order and Law


An updated program of the Socialist Party of Ukraine was adopted in accordance with the Charter at a regular congress of the SPU. The document is based on the experience of the leading world socialist parties and movements. A prerequisite for the adoption of the document was the ideological and personnel clearance and renewal that took place in the ranks of the Socialist Party of Ukraine.

The SPU program will form the basis for Ukraine's development strategy after the victory of the Socialist Party of Ukraine in the presidential and parliamentary elections and the formation of a new socialist Government.

Goals and Values

In its ideology and activity, the Socialist Party of Ukraine defines the Man as its main value. His/her life, safety, freedom. The right of a Man to education, health care, decent working conditions, legal and social protection, fair distribution of wealth and resources of the state.

The main goal of the Socialist Party of Ukraine is to build a strong, law-governed, socially responsible state of a man-centered type; approval of Ukraine as a full member of the EU and joining NATO.

Ukraine has sufficient human, natural, scientific and technical potential in order to become a successful, economically developed and socially just state, as well as enter the world twenty top powers. Ukraine should establish itself as a country in which a citizen respects the law, and the state respects a citizen!

The activities and the struggle of the Socialist Party of Ukraine are aimed at achieving this goal.

1. Socialism Is the Basis for the Development of Ukraine

The Socialist Party of Ukraine has resumed its activities to build a just social and economic model of Ukraine's development. Having experienced a difficult stage of betrayal of ideals by the former party leaders, having gone through the personnel clearance and renewal, the SPU today is ready to fight for social justice.

In our activities, we rely on the age-old history of the Ukrainian socialist idea, which originated with the Ukrainian Socialist Party, the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Labor Party and other socialist movements that existed in Ukraine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The future is open to new opportunities! Our mission is to establish in Ukraine universal values of the socialist system: democracy, equality, justice, the rule of law, decent working and living conditions for people.

As a left-wing party, we must regain hope for millions of compatriots. We must defeat poverty and unemployment, stop the outflow of labor migrants and the scientific elite, as well as abolish pension and healthcare reforms hostile to the interests of the people; regain control of the state strategic energy complex, abolishing killing rates; overcome the dependence of the economy on oligarchic clans, returning a competitive model of development and providing decent conditions for work and life of people.

Ukraine will become a welfare country for everyone!

Healthy life and good education for everyone!

Worthy work and decent salary!

Happy childhood and well-off old age!

The SPU is an ideological party and it will fight for the establishment of social equality and security for people! Equal conditions for the strong and support for the weak!

The SPU is a people's party and in its struggle it relies on the Ukrainian people support. We will achieve the formation of a broad middle-class people in Ukraine, which will become the basis for the development of society!

The SPU is a patriotic force and it will fight for the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine! We will achieve restoration of peace and return of borders under the control of Ukraine! The Ukrainian state will be strong and able to defend its territory and people!

2. Fundamentals of Domesticc Policy

Man, his/her life, dignity and rights are the foundation of the state.

To provide a steady development, the state should create preconditions for the realization of the potential of each citizen. If the potential of human capabilities is united, successful development and modernization of Ukraine can be achieved.

A strong Ukrainian state begins with a happy Ukrainian family. The SPU stands for traditional family values. Responsible parenthood and maternity should be the basis of social morality.

The social policy of the state is directed at supporting the institution of the family. The state guarantees high-quality preschool education and modern secondary and higher education. Every citizen, regardless of social status and opportunities, has the right to modern medical care and assistance. Every Ukrainian pensioner has a guarantee from the state for a decent and well-off old age.

The SPU stands for freedom of expression, freedom of speech, religion, gender equality, and the absence of any discrimination on the grounds of social, linguistic, sexual, and national characteristics, as well as other phenomena that are intolerable in a socially responsible state.

Free citizens have the opportunity to freely exercise the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and other laws.

The CPS proclaims legal equality. Everyone is equal before the Law, starting from the Citizen and ending with the President. Only this can guarantee the order and discipline in the state, restore confidence in key state institutions.

The SPU stands for a competitive economy free from oligarchic monopolies. Full modernization and technical re-equipment of the main sectors of the national economic complex should take place. The SPU will achieve the implementation of the Doctrine of Intensive Economic Growth, which will enable Ukraine to become one of the leading economies in the world and equalize social standards of living.

Trade unions and the state should be a reliable guarantor of the observance of labor rights of citizens. The state of social welfare should also prevent setting of monopoly high prices for basic products and services, and protect strategic sectors of the economy and the interests of society.

The state must adhere to fair tax policies and budget allocations taking into account public interests and needs.

Local self-government bodies should play a leading role in the domestic state policy. The development and strengthening of self-governing communities must simultaneously contribute to the strengthening of a unitary and sovereign state of Ukraine.

3. Fundamentals of Foreign Policy

The Socialist Party of Ukraine stands for the transformation of the Ukrainian state from the object into a subject of geopolitics. The true role and place of Ukraine is equal among the equal in the community of developed European powers. To build a successful future, Ukraine must make a complete and final break with the colonial Soviet past, completing the process of decommunization, and ending membership in post-soviet international organizations.

After the establishment of peace and the return of full control over the territory and borders, Ukraine must become a full member of NATO and other collective security organizations.

The SPU stands for the full integration of Ukraine into the European Union after bringing into line the economic and social standards of Ukraine.

Ukraine's foreign policy must be based on the principles of good neighborliness, but with the priority given to the legitimate interests and rights of a sovereign and independent state.