Ukraine needs leader who will protect own nation


Recently, Leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva visited Poltava region. Meetings were held with the Poltava residents and a press conference in the city organization of the party for the regional media took place. The politician spoke about the development of the political party and introduced the leaders of the Poltava City organization of the Socialist Party to the public.

 Improvement of social and life standards and making strong order

 "The past ten years were not easy for the party. After heading it, it was necessary to carry out quite difficult work to develop and observe discipline in the party. The structure and composition had to be purged of traitors, collaborators, scammers, demagogues and populists. It was important not to make the Socialist Party a launching ground for the entry of pro-Russian forces into Ukrainian politics," Kyva said.

 With the arrival of Kyva as Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the ideology of the political force has changed. The pro-Ukrainian position and patriotic creeds of its members became the driving force.

— The full-scale restoration of the political organization that will defend the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people has begun. Our task is to raise social and life standards and to make the strong order. That is the inevitability of punishment for crimes, because the story about the war in the east, corruption and embezzlement of the budget funds is only a consequence of impunity.

 It is the legal tools that the country can be improved and reformed, Kyva is convinced.

 — We are ready to take several steps for the economic revival of the country. Among them is the nationalization of the energy complex. Previous authorities regional electricity supply companies, gas wells were stolen and transferred to control of some commercial structures belonged to a Russian owner. Therefore, it is important to return them to the people's ownership. These measures will reduce the utility tariffs for households. The next step is the elimination of scams for stealing the national budget. The operation of the Social Insurance Fund is an example, when through the Federation of Trade Unions about UAH 20,000,000 has been stolen from the Ukrainian people. All these issues can be resolved during one working day of the Verkhovna Rada, if a leader, whose actions will be aimed at protecting the Ukrainian people and national identity, appears in the parliament. Since the authorities have discredited themselves, it is necessary to change the situation through the re-election. Therefore, one more task is to restore citizens' confidence and victory in the election race. We have the opportunities, strengths and potential for doing this. We begin the formation of effective organizations of the party under the leadership of patriotic citizens.

 The new head of the Poltava organization of the party

 Illia Kyva has presented Head of Poltava City organization of the Socialist Party Serhiy Cherednichenko.

— This is a person who for a long time defended the interests of Poltava citizens and has a clear principled ground. I consider him to be an honest and decent person. There is still a lot of lawlessness in Poltava. But with the beginning of the work of our movement, I am convinced that it will disappear. There are enough patriots who have went through the zone of military operations in our party, and they are able not only to protect, but also to conduct an attack and defeat the enemy.

Cherednichenko told about making order in the market near the Southern railway station, the repair of Kurchatov Street and the fight against the increase in urban transport fares in Poltava.

— Our team will differ from other political organizations by its effectiveness and political responsibility. These will be principally new faces like Dmytro Koval, Ivan Priadko and Dmytro Herasymenko. We have joined a new political force, because it starts fresh. We will restore the face of Poltava, which we have lost for decades, Cherednichenko said.

— What worries me is what is happening in my native land, for which I was ready to give my life and for which my comrades were killed, Kyva said. — Only together we can stop aggression, quarrelling and become a victorious nation, which will regain the state border and annexed territories. I believe that the Ukrainian flag is raised in Crimea and in the occupied areas of Donbas. I am ready to devote my life to these things. I want the war to be born on our shoulders, and not left to the children.