Cherednichenko makes Mamai to buy new trolleybuses, forces Kaplin to challenge urban transport fares


Serhiy Cherednichenko using his public transport buses with fares of UAH 4 has made populists to start working and city authorities to reform the transport sector of the city!

The Socialist Party of Ukraine recently presented in Poltava has already shown their muscles and makes populists to go to court and city budget embezzlers to make steps. When some only promise to decrease urban transport fares and others are trying to retain the current fares, the team of socialists for a year has been shown that the urban transport fares could be reduced. Public transport buses with fares of UAH 4 are running two city traffic routes!

— Our program entitled "Transport" is a decrease in transport fares not tomorrow or today, but even yesterday. We do not promise the U.S. dollar exchange rate at UAH 4, or some kind of economic miracle, but simply say the decisive "No" to corruption. A year ago we rolled out the "UAH 3 of corruption" campaign. Our goal was to protect carriers who refused to pay bribes to Yuriy Lupayenko and Oleksandr Mamai and to draw attention to problems in the transport industry. Now and in the future we will work without a corruption component," Chairman of the regional organization of the SPU Serhiy Cherednichenko said.

Soon Poltava Mayor Mamai will present the purchase of 50 trolleybuses using the funds of the city budget. This is the reaction of the authorities to the anti-corruption public transport buses of Cherednichenko. The city is rumored that Mamai and Shevchenko cannot do anything to people who do not pay a monthly bribe.

— The main priority for the Socialist Party is the protection of every citizen. And it does not matter: if it is a passenger or a carrier. But Mamai, after "collecting fares" from carriers, now destroys them completely. Therefore, they will not be able to compete with cheap electric transport! And now Mamai and Matkovsky will receive a "kickback" when buying trolleybuses and will destroy the carriers, who monthly brought the "bribe" to Lupayenko. To step over and change everyone for their own profit is the main feature of the local embezzlers Mamai and Matkovsky. And passengers will finally get a reduction in the fare. This is what we fought for almost a year! — Cherednichenko said.

The Socialist Party once again showed its clear and rock-solid position. There will be the strong order in Poltava!

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