Repair of 'repaired' roads or new outrage by Mamai


With a request to provide a report on the funds spent, the Socialist Party headed by Serhiy Cherednichenko has come to Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities Services Andriy Liamin.

They demanded to report on the funds provided for snow cleaning for the period of three months through March 2018, to give an answer how to solve the problem with a parking area located at 18V, Myru Street, to complete the repair of the road surface at the railway crossing in Sakko Street, as well as to hold a press conference on the condition and the state of repair of roads in Poltava and to provide a report regarding the warranty repair of the renovated streets that have to be repeatedly repaired.

Where a half billion allocated for road repairs was sent and what it was spent on, as a token money was spent on snow cleaning in the first quarter of 2018, and why you cannot park a car near a children's hospital located in Myru Street. We asked Liamin these and other questions early in the morning on March 30. In response, he fed the Socialist Party's activists with the promises: "We will answer when the housing and utilities service organizations provide a report, when the deputy commission meets and when all the paper will be available. We will answer at sessions in detail."

"We see each our business through! And if officials do not hide from us, then we hold a good discussion. The community of the city has the right to ask the power any question! I do not understand the position of most of the embezzlers in the city, who hide and run away. Liamin finally answered our questions. Now we are waiting for the report, contracts and repair of roads under warranty obligations! And I can tell you, we will bring the strong order in the city!"

 And a few hours later, in the evening, the work at the railway crossing in Sakko Street was "smoking". The patch work is almost complete at 20:30. This once again proves that only with joining forces, we can bring order to our city. It is a small one, but a victory! The battle is yet to come!

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