Illia Kyva: "I was a bullet and I will stay the bullet"


With a strong bald man, whose name is Illia Kyva, I met two years ago in the assembly hall of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University. After the event, which he organized for students, I handed him, being by that time still the head of the Drug Control Department, my journalistic investigation.

Now Mr. Kyva is not a policeman, but a politician. Recently he headed the Socialist Party of Ukraine and now travels the regions, telling about himself and his team.

On Monday, May 28, Kyva visited Lutsk, where he met with local residents and party activists, presenting the head of the organization and telling about the key tasks.

However, personally for me, all of the above things are not particularly interesting, because he talks about them throughout his tour, in every city or village. Therefore, I used the opportunity to record an interview more practically and I am talking mostly about drugs that Kyva failed to subdue...

— How old are you?

— 40.

— One can see that you are in rather good physical shape. Of course, a white shirt does not allow us to appreciate enough the fullness and separation of your muscles, but even so it is clear that they are of quite good quality. What would you advise young people who want in their forties to have not the worst appearance?

— Life is a very short and difficult period of time, provided to us by God. In order to catch everything, you need to fight constantly. Only in this way it is possible to spend your years so not to be ashamed before your own children.

The struggle requires force. To have it, it is necessary to constantly cultivate your abilities. Not only the muscles, because everything is inside you. But strength appears when a person disciplines and defeats himself or herself. The earlier you begin to wrestle with yourself, with your unwillingness, the sooner you will begin to achieve your goals in life. That is all.

— Speaking about the struggle, you had fought for some time against the Ukrainian drug traffic and profiteers. What did you manage to achieve in that period?

— I had two victories and one big defeat. But I lost the battle, not the war. Fundamentally, I may be the only one who raised the issue of legal sale of drugs or medicines that have them in their composition, through a network of pharmacies.

— Codeine?

— Yes, codeine-containing medicines that cause drug intoxication and dependence and are freely available. Ukraine is the only country where the sale of heavy narcotic substances is legalized at the state level. These preparations contain desomorphine. Do you understand what I mean?

— Completely. This is a cheap substitute for heroin.

"I wanted these drugs to be available on prescription and with strict accountability. However, I broke off my teeth. This fight cost me the post of the head of the Drug Control Department.

The pharmacological mafia is one of the biggest problems of our nation. It destroys the younger generation. And let them know that I did not give up, but only regrouped and I will come from the other side. When I come to power, I will destroy them with my first decision. Meanwhile, drugs are sold through pharmacies.

— And what victory did you have?

— There is a very dangerous and heavy drug — amphetamine. I was able to include the precursor from which this product is made into the list of banned drugs. By 2016, it was in free flow. Any amount of it could be transported freely and then amphetamine could be produced in a laboratory in about 40 minutes. Today it is forbidden. And this is my victory.

— Do you think that thanks to this victory the amount of amphetamine in the street is smaller?

— No (resolutely). But we have a mechanism to fight against the spread of this drug. However, unfortunately, it is not used. I put 200 representatives of large drug groups, who sold kilograms, on trial, having an ideal evidence base... Since then, no one was convicted (disappointed).

This is work for the sake of work, which does not pursue the goal of destroying this illegal phenomenon. When people ask me what to do, I think that it will be most effective to take them out to the forest and dig them into pits.

Imagine that the whole office that devours public money, working to identify, detain and obtain the evidential base, spending months on it, makes all these useless, because the people responsible for crimes are not punished, and thanks to bribes they go out into the streets to continue their business.

Police investigators, who have been in the system for many years, told me: "Illia Volodymyrovych, you waste your time. It is better to take money immediately, because if we do not take it, it will be done by the prosecutor's office or court. And we will be fools for pains." Do you understand?

— Two years ago, when you spoke before the students of the Eastern European National University, I handed over my own investigation into the drug trade on the Internet: "Golden Days of Profiteers: How the Drug Market Works in Volyn Region" to you. Then you told me that you can ban these websites in three months. It is this portal, which we talked about, that continues operating. They have developed their safety parameters, increased the range of products and made other things. In general, meanwhile the Internet drug trade has developed very much. Now not only amphetamine, but also various salts, such as PVP-Alfa, which are much worse substances are sold at full steam...

— Salts and acids of Chinese production, which are distributed through the Internet network. In fact, as for these profiteers, we act as people who use a stick. I'm telling you frankly...

—  It is enough to go to a profile forum to understand that drug dealers are laughing with the police...

— Yes, these people are laughing, it is for sure. Once I arrested a serious drug dealer in Nikopol, who for 15 years was untouchable for law enforcement agencies, as he solved all issues with money. I arrested him, having the maximum evidence base. A brilliant operation was conducted, about 30 people were put on trial... Two years passed, of this 30 people no one is in prison. I met this chief dealer in Kyiv, and he laughed in my face. I have only one way to erase this smile: to carry out illegal violent actions against this person, in order, perhaps, to save hundreds of lives. One kilogram of high-quality amphetamine changes 1,000 lives per day.

— More than a thousand, one gram will be enough for 10 people... To change your destiny.

— And maybe more... Drug kills the nation. We no longer have a healthy generation. I believe that this is a deliberately implemented program that is supported by the authorities. I am one of the few who were ready to fight and showed results... But I was immediately taken away. I was told that my problem is in reluctance to take money...

— That is actually what I wanted to ask about. How much money did they offer you?

— Pharmacology, and this is only one of the plants, offered $250,000 a month just for not noticing anything. They told me: "It was before you for 25 years and will be after you. Take money and fight with street drugs, do whatever you want, but do not go into this story." In addition, every serious drug laboratory was ready to pay UAH 1 million a month. There were from 20 to 30 of them. But I came to this post from a one-room apartment, so I left it with the same incomes. You will not find cars, houses written for mother-in-law, money, and so on with Kyva. I was a bullet, I will stay the bullet.

— Have you ever thought that the legalization of light drugs, such as marijuana, will hit people who unlawfully sell illegal substances? It is much better for them that drugs are outlawed.

— Money is not earned on the "Airplane" ("Airplane" — the slang name of cannabis, better known as marijuana). Cannabis is already semi-legal. I am talking about psychotropic substances that kill the human body and personality. Today, the problem is the psychoactive and heavy drugs of the opium group, which are easy to buy in our country. And for people who sell online, the police are the Papuans. Today, the legislation does not allow destroying drug traffickers in Ukraine. And the struggle ends at the stage of a corrupt agent or an investigator, a prosecutor or a judge.

— Of course, it is worth to pay attention to politics for few minutes. First of all, how would you comment on these strange statements of People's Deputy Serhiy Kaplin, who calls himself the real head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine? What is about this conflict in general?

— I do not understand what to comment on. Will you talk about whether you are a human?

— No.

"So understand: why should I talk about what really does not exist. Someone is talking about something. Who is speaking? There is a register in which it is said who leads the party.

— At whose expense does your party function?

"It is a good question, and I will certainly answer it. It is very simple: we work with business. People are willing to spend some money to get protection and the future.

— In general, about the development of the party. I will not talk about your entire structure as a whole. I am interested in Volyn region. There is Anatoliy Kostik, who heads the regional organization. How did you meet him and what can you tell about him?

— This is a bright representative of the middle class in Ukraine, which makes it possible to form a party and to build grassroot party structures. I know him as a patriotic, decent person, but not contaminated by various political projects. He is not an oligarch, but he has certain resources and wants to shape the day of tomorrow.