Poltava organization of SPU decides to block the base Budharant-7 base


"We will not let Kharkiv criminals work!" Chairman of the regional organization of SPU Serhiy Cherednichenko said.

Until the Poltava community receives a report for the past year, until the management of Budharant-7 publishes contracts and certificates for work completed in 2016-2017, until they repair the streets that have collapsed, the socialists will block the asphalt plant where the Kharkiv contractors Budgarant-7 and MBTs company (Mechanized Construction Center) are located. The blocking will be round-the-clock!

On the territory of the asphalt plant there is machinery of MShED destroyed by Mamai and Matkovsky, which was illegally used by Kharkiv criminals, who have dozens of criminal proceedings opened against them.

The SPU demands immediate repair of the worn-down streets, which were "repaired" by Kharkiv contractors in 2016 and 2017.

The streets like Dukhova, Repin, Kurchatov, Tymoshenko, Nikitchenko, Heroes of ATO have been worn down for a year after the so-called "overhauls", which the city authorities do not examine, but only pays bills of the entrepreneurs.

"First they will repair the already "renovated" streets. Then announce the warranty terms, and eventually the community will decide who will repair Poltava streets and sidewalks!" Cherednichenko said.