Working trip to Poltava

A visit of Chairman of the SPU Illia Kyva to Poltava on February 25: we form an effective and patriotic team, we revive the grassroot organizations and welcome the new leader of the Poltava organization of the SPU - Serhiy Cherednichenko. Also, Kyva accompanied by Cherednichenko visited the "Khytry" market where after 10 years of the unregulated trade Poltava socialists were able to restore order. However, a more significant victory Cherednichenko secured in the transport industry, where a well-organized corruption scheme of the City Council brings about UAH 4 million per month to officials. Every month, every entrepreneur must send UAH 10,000 in pockets of officials for one minibus on a bus route. In fact, carriers are only intermediaries. Appetites of corrupt officials are met by Poltava citizens, who pay artificially high public transport fares.

Cherednichenko has been fighting the transport mafia for more than a year and yet managed to reduce the fares. "Our minibuses are working under an anti-corruption program. We have proved that it is possible to reduce bus fares," Cherednichenko said at a press conference in the office of the city organization of the Party.