The Socialist Party held the third phase of the ordinary congress

On March 25, the third stage of the ordinary Congress of the SPU took place, where the updated program of the Party was approved. For the first time in history, the SPU laid a course for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. In the near future, we see Ukraine as a full member of the European Union and NATO. This will allow stopping the war and providing the required control over the officials. It will help to fundamentally reform the military sphere, meet a possible civil emergency situation head-on, give impetus to the development of science, environmental protection and public diplomacy.

"The war that broke out on our territory was provoked by our weakness. Do not look for a guilty party outside. We must refine ourselves. Always! We will build a new, strong state! Integration with NATO and the EU is an important step on this path.

We have much to learn from the West - cool-headedness, social standards and a low level of corruption. Ukraine needs a strong order - the inevitability of punishment for crimes, theft, corruption and treason of public interests. And the following agencies as the Anti-Corruption Court and National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) are established at the request of Europe. But we need to make the supervision mechanism as perfect as possible. We need independent supervision, which can eradicate impunity," Kyva said.

The program also includes several sectoral blocks, including the economic policy, national defense, local self-government, gender equality, youth policy, fight against corruption and social protection of citizens.