Kyva announces break of SPU cooperation with, Belarusian socialists


Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva has announced that cooperation of the SPU with the Republican Party of Labor and Justice of Belarus has been terminated. The reason of it was a statement of this party Leader Vasiliy Zadnepryany that Ukraine should put up with the annexation of Crimea.            

"As the chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, I resolutely declare that any political force, any organization that disseminate allegations of belonging Crimea to Russia or about recognition and support of terrorist organizations the "DPR" and "LPR" are enemies of Ukraine, and therefore enemies of the SPU," Kyva said in a statement posted on his Facebook page.              

The politician is convinced that statements in support of the occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine are contrary to all international requirements.                      

"The annexation of Crimea was condemned by the world community. It is condemned by the resolution of the UN General Assembly. The pseudo-republics of the "DPR" and "LPR", which are instruments of the occupation of the east of Ukraine by Russia, are recognized as terrorist organizations! The entire world supports Ukraine!" the leader of the SPU said.          

The head of the Socialist Party said that at the moment any contact between the SPU and the Republican Party of Labor and Justice of Belarus is impossible.                                    

"The key criterion of political activity for the Socialist Party of Ukraine is patriotism and the restoration of the territorial integrity of our state. Therefore, we consider any political force that supports the aggressor to be hostile. Cooperation with these forces is out of the question, even if they adhere to socialist ideology. The statement of the chairman of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice of Belarus that Crimea allegedly belongs to Russia automatically makes this party the enemy of our state," Kyva said.                                    

The politician said that the renewal of contacts with Belarusian socialists is possible only after Ukraine's final victory in the war with Russia.                                        

"Our clear position is that Ukraine must resume state sovereignty throughout its territory. And only after that any negotiations with the socialist parties that do not support the Ukrainian position regarding Crimea and Donbas are possible. However, before the final victory of Ukraine it is impossible not only cooperation, but also a dialog with this kind of parties!

Therefore, I declare with all responsibility: all the agreements reached earlier between the Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Republican Party of Labor and Justice of Belarus have been annulled due to the anti-Ukrainian position of the latter," the head of the Socialist Party said in the statement.