Kyva: "Crime penalties must be inevitable!"


Ukrainian citizens cannot feel safe as long as the country has no effective crime penalty system, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva has said on 112 TV channel, commenting on a road accident with the participation of the president's motorcade and the murder of businessman Serhiy Zakharchuk downtown Kyiv.

"I, like all of us, walk the streets, which means I'm in a zone of risk. In fact, there is no penalty system in our country. We are already in a state of stupor due to this impunity. First people cross the street against the traffic lights, and then they cannot do a job they are responsible for - and no penalty will be imposed on them. And one can never dry up on the officials who took an oath of office in public - they openly ignore their duties, unlawfully enrich themselves and crook in violation of legislation," he said.

Kyva said that the country must have a stricter state legal policy to ensure order.

"Ukraine needs to tighten the legislation. The offenders must inevitably be punished! After all, the absence of penalty just leads to the growth of crimes," the politician said.

The leader of the Socialist Party also said that the main obstacle to crime penalties be inevitable is the Ukrainian courts.

"I have to talk again about the problem of the judicial system, which is incapable of 'locking' the penalty system. In 2015, I personally detained commandant of the town of Antratsyt [Vagif] Kerimov at a checkpoint, and he acknowledged his guilt of participating in the shooting of six servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a written form to me. However, in two years the Starobelsk court released him allegedly because of a lack of evidence. His brother worked in court. Our courts release terrorists, while volunteers are jailed for unfathomable period," Kyva said.