Illia Kyva: Sabotage of officials is grandest treason


Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva believes that leaving Ukraine Nadia Savchenko first of all ignores her official duties. He gave his opinion on Espresso.TV.

"Our lawmakers have their way with the country. Leave for somewhere, quitting the job. Now we have the plenary session week. And how does it come that Savchenko goes to Strasburg? As a matter of fact, our deputies have become insolent. If they want they vote, if they want they sell their votes and take part in corrupt practices… Each this substance called "people's deputy" lives by some rules of their own and completely ignores the laws and their official duties. Taxes are paid from my personal pocket to maintain these useless people who under the cupola of the Verkhovna Rada shape destiny of the country. And I am not very interested in where Savchenko is refreshing herself. I am wondering why she is not in the workplace," Kyva said.

He also said that inactivity of high-ranking officials is today the greatest threat to Ukraine.

"Certain officials of the highest ranking by their sabotage, their inertness do much more harm to Ukraine than even terrorists who plant explosives. Their sabotage, in my opinion, is a betrayal," the leader of the Socialist Party said.

In addition, Kyva said that he considered the hot discussions about the National Security Law an attempt to divert attention from really important problems.

"Yes, the question itself is important. However, I believe that it is much more important to discuss the provision of our Armed Forces with food, equipment and ammunition. The question if Defense Minister is civilian or not civilian is a back-burner issue. Soldiers today are knee-deep in water, in tents in the training ranges. There is no normal system of food security for the Armed Forces. But there is a well-established system of stealing. It is necessary to tackle this. And all these loud discussions are designed to divert our attention from issues of corruption. We have established anti-corruption agencies, which cannot operate in full force and effect. This is that should be discussed!" the politician said.