Illia Kyva: If people's patience runs out, no National Guard to protect deputies


Dedication to work for the good of the country, first of all, can guarantee the security of people's deputies. Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva gave his opinion on Oboz-TV, responding to the question of strengthening security measures in the Verkhovna Rada.

"Deputies should faithfully perform their duties and not play up the country. This will be the main guarantee of their security," Kyva said.

The politician also said that the incumbent Verkhovna Rada is apparently trying the patience of the people.

"You say "terrorist attack," "explosives." Explosives are the people of Ukraine. And if the patience of the people runs out, no police, no National Guard will be able to stop people's anger. The most terrible thing is that today's people's deputies with their inaction, their corruption, betrayal and surrender of the country's interests only fuel public hatred of the parliament. And first of all, they endanger not their lives, but the life of these National Guard officers who guard them," the SPU leader said.

Kyva also denied a possibility of a terrorist attack that could be organized in the Verkhovna Rada inspired by Russia.

"There are so many traitors in the Rada that Russians would have no intention to destroy them, no way. In general, I believe that the parliament already has enough security measures. But it clearly has not enough good faith, honesty and patriotism," he said.