Reform of Ukrainian socialism! Social Party of Ukraine approves the updated program


Delegates of the Congress of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) have approved a new program of the party. First in its history the SPU has announced its focus the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

"Today is the day when we forever abandon Soviet principles and approaches. We are moving forward - into the future! Our party is changing its focus. We are building a pro-European political force. In the near future, we see Ukraine as a full member of civilized European society. And we have placed it to the program of our party. We are going to the European Union and NATO, whether someone likes it or not. First of all, it will allow us to stop the war. We have something to learn from the West - cool-headedness, social standards and a low level of corruption," Head of the SPU Illia Kyva said, speaking from the rostrum of the Congress.

The delegates unanimously supported the program of the Socialist Party of Ukraine entitled "Strong country. Social Fairness. Order and Law."

"Today we are writing a new history of socialism. In a short time we have managed to revive the party, which the traitors practically erased from the political map of the country," Kyva said.

The program consists of several sector blocks, including the economic policy, the country's defense potential, local self-government, youth policy, fighting corruption and social protection of citizens.

"There is no future without youth," Head of the SPU Political Council Yelyzaveta Vediakova said during her report on how the party will solve the problems of youth.

"We cannot remain silent when an entire generation is being discriminated. Young people have no place to work. Highly trained specialists of our universities who received diplomas massively emigrate to the West, and in search of a better life they reach even to Australia and New Zealand! Our party will guarantee the first job after receiving the diploma. We will implement a program of cheap loans for young professionals. We will make the profession-oriented training system Affordable! Staff will be in demand!" Vediakova said.

Chairman of the Kyiv local organization of the SPU Serhiy Vozny presented a report on the problems of local self-government. He said that the party supports the policy of decentralization, which was offered to Ukraine by Western partners, but the SPU is not satisfied with the implementation of this policy.

"Last year 81% of all taxes went to the national budget and some 19% to local [budgets]. This is not only the budgets of communities, but also regional and district ones. Meanwhile, additional expenditure on maintenance of schools, hospitals and other institutions were imposed on budgets of the communities. The national budget provides for subsidies to compensate these expenses. But how does this differ from the practice of the past years, when it was Kyiv that decided which community must receive certain subvention? Local communities must have taxes collected on their territory at their disposal. To increase revenue one can leave part of value added tax and corporate profit tax in hands of local authorities," Vozny said.

As for the Ukrainian economy, this is a multiway road, the rules of which are set by the oligarchs. This opinion was given by Head of the Poltava local organization of the SPU Serhiy Cherednichenko, reporting on the party's position on the economic situation in the country.

"Denationalization, that is, the total refusal of the state to have its share in the national economy, instead of giving a rise to development, modernization and renewal of the economic sector, has become a legal way to seize the lion's share of national wealth. Strategically important industries must be fully controlled by the state. For small and medium-sized enterprises - public safeguard tax and customs policy, when priority is given first of all to goods and services made in Ukraine," Cherednichenko said.

As reported, Chairman of the SPU Illia Kyva, chairmen of regional and grassroot organizations of the party, delegates from the regions of Ukraine and party activists took part in the Congress. Over 1,000 persons visited the event.