Focus on West. Socialist Party of Ukraine approves new program


Delegates of the Congress of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) have approved a new program of the party. First in its history the SPU has announced its focus the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

"Today is the day when we forever abandon Soviet principles and approaches. We are moving forward - into the future! Our party is changing its focus. We are building a pro-European political force. In the near future, we see Ukraine as a full member of civilized European society. And we have placed it to the program of our party. We are going to the European Union and NATO, whether someone likes it or not. First of all, it will allow us to stop the war. We have something to learn from the West - cool-headedness, social standards and a low level of corruption," Head of the SPU Illia Kyva said, speaking from the rostrum of the Congress.

In addition, he said that the Socialist Party of Ukraine initiated the reform of the left-wing movement in the country.

"Today we have started the reform of the left-wing movement in Ukraine from the restoration of the structure of own party and the first test was passed with the best result. We want to start a new era of European social democracy. The basis of the new policy is high moral values, allegiance to the people and real actions. We see a unified European socialist family before us. Joint work, strict discipline, patriotism and high efficiency are the things that will make the left ideology the driver of European politics," he said.

Kyva expressed his conviction that the SPU is marked for a great future.

"Today we are writing a new history of socialism. With our example, hard work we show the result. In a short time we have managed to revive the party, which the traitors practically erased from the political map of the country back in the days. We are updating the staff and the party program. Contemporaneity makes its own adjustments. That is why we have brought a new program of our political party for consideration of the Congress," Kyva said.

The program of the Socialist Party named "Strong country. Social Fairness. Order and Law" consists of several sector blocks. The key blocks concern the economic policy, the country's defense potential, local self-government, youth policy, fighting corruption and social protection of citizens.