Kyva: 'Medvedchuk is entry point to Ukraine for Putin'


Viktor Medvedchuk promotes the interests of Putin in Ukraine and finances the pro-Russian forces. Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kyva gave this opinion.

"The Prosecutor General definitively said that the "Ukrainian Choice" is a terrorists' den. And he called Medvedchuk "string-puller." I will be even tougher. The presence of Putin's kum [relationship between the father and godfather of a child] on our territory is too much. We have a fourth year of war. And he is not only present here, but he has a big business, owning a section of the oil pipe. Money from this business is used to strengthen the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine," the head of the SPU said.

Kyva also said that Medvedchuk is the "entry point" of pro-Russian forces into the Ukrainian political and media space.

"Someone makes him a "peacemaker" because he takes out our prisoners. But this is simply a convenient point of entry into our information space. After all, the pro-Russian forces need to somehow throw their theses into our heads. They are trying to gain control over our media. If they organize their revolution, they need someone to cover it correctly. And Medvedchuk is the "entry point" for this," he said.

The politician also said that the Ukrainian authorities should pay more attention to the media war with Russia, preventing the attempts of pro-Russian forces to shape public opinion in Ukraine.

"Profits from the business that Medvedchuk has in Ukraine are sent to finance Russian propaganda in our country, to gain control over the media. And this is a matter of national security. I appeal to Oleksandr Turchynov with a demand to raise this issue at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council! If we do not do this, we will lose our sovereignty, we will lose our country," the leader of the Socialist Party said.