Pipe of dissension. Why are Ukrainian strategic facilities working for the Russian economy so far?


Texr from the blog of Illia Kyva on the website LB.ua

Is it reckless disregard or betrayal? This question I ask myself every time I learn about the actions of the authorities that undermine the country's national security. When in the fourth year of the war our strategic facilities are under control of the aggressor, what is this - deliberate sabotage or simply muddle-headed recklessness of officials?

In 1992, Ukraine ratified the Bishkek agreement on the distribution of assets of the former USSR. According to this document, all assets that were on our territory were passed into the ownership of Ukraine. This applied to the Ukrainian section of the strategic Samara-West pipeline, which connected Russian oil refineries with the Hungarian city of Nyirbogdany. However, in fact, the pipeline was under the control of Russia, in particular Prikarpattransnefteproduct - the subsidiary of Russian JSC Transnefteproduct. For 10 years (until 2001) the pipeline was idle, as refineries did not produce enough fuel for export. However, the situation later improved, and the pipeline began to pump 1.2 million petroleum products per year. For another 10 years the Russians controlled the pipe as they wanted. However, in 2011, the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) gathered its wits: why does the Russian company operates Ukrainian strategic assets? The litigations lasted for four years. During this period the war began, and the Russians, realizing that they were losing lawsuits, tried to destroy the pipeline, pumping out fuel that filled the pipeline. Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the PGO then curtailed this act of sabotage. And in 2015, the Higher Economic Court passed a verdict: the pipeline belongs to Ukraine!

But the ink was barely dry on the court ruling, as the structures controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk drew a bead on the pipeline. And what does our "main negotiator" with the Russian Federation do? He trots out the same Russian company. Russians file a motion to vacate the court ruling as new circumstances were discovered. And the court willingly recalled the ruling, allegedly in order to continue the latest round of proceedings. It was in 2016. Today it is 2018. The lawsuit is still being "heard." And the Russians, meanwhile, sold the pipe to Medvedchuk. And he enthusiastically began to sell diesel fuel produced at the refinery of the aggressor country to Ukraine. Only last year he sold fuel for a billion of U.S. dollars. And the money went not only to his pocket, but also to the economy of the Russian Federation.

And this pipe is used to smuggle fuel to Europe. This is the fact established by the Ukrainian customs office. But as soon as the customs officers revealed it, someone "in the higher authority" acted with dispatch and the customs office closed access to security seals and meters on the pipe.

Giving away the strategic facility to the aggressor country is outspoken betrayal of Ukraine's interests, giving rise to corruption in the top echelons of power. And any muddle-headed recklessness of officials here is out of the question. Ukraine needs to regain all strategic facilities under its control. Otherwise, once we could find out that the Ukrainian armed forces are left without fuel, as the "investor" stopped delivering it.