Kyva: "Only using best of achievements of past we will be able to build future"


Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva jointly with his daughter Kateryna have visited an exhibition of the Ukrainian heritage, where they themselves painted Ukrainian pysanka Easter eggs.

"National traditions and family values are the key to a decent future for our children. One of these traditions is the creation of Easter eggs on the eve of Easter. In our family this is a real ritual, to which there has always been a special attitude. After all, the upbringing of children in the traditions of the nation is the main guarantee of a strong and united family," Kyva said.

Kateryna Kyva talked about her impressions of the exhibition.

"As we were told, in ancient times the pysankas were painted by the whole family - one pysanka a day, starting 40 days before Easter. Today's world is much faster, but it also needs to keep a place for national traditions. After all, the nation who do not remember its traditions, do not have a future," she said.

Illia Kyva also recalled the importance of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people.

"The Socialist Party of Ukraine considers the preservation of national traditions as one of the priorities in its activities. Only using the best of the achievements of our past, we will be able to build a bright future for Ukraine," he said.