State obliged to employ ATO veterans - Kyva


The state is obliged to promote the socialization of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) veterans and give them an opportunity of finding a job after returning from the front. Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva gave his opinion at the presentation of the Odesa unit of the "Life Safety" paramilitary security service of the National Police of Ukraine.

"Back in 2015, after returning from the front, I said that the state should take care of those who did their duty on the frontline. We have designed a program, which was put on the table of the Minister of Internal Affairs. The essence of this program is that persons who have proved their devotion to the people of Ukraine could continue doing their duty at home, protecting people," he said.

Kyva also paid attention to the fact that the state should have a monopoly on the use of force.

"Only the state has the right to use force. This is the position of every sane person. And in order not to split the country into apanage principalities, creating obscure military units, a decision was made in 2017: to create paramilitary security units in the structure of the National Police. First and foremost, veterans of ATO are employed to these units," the politician said.

The leader of the Socialist Party also expressed conviction that the Odesa paramilitary security division would honorably fulfill the tasks entrusted to it.

"I was in this very place in 2016, when we launched a new patrol police in Odesa. Today, we are launching another project. Similar units have already shown their effectiveness in Kyiv city and region. I am sure that the same will happen in Odesa. You deserve the trust of people, fighting at the front. And I'm sure that you continue proving it in the service behind the lines," Kyva said, referring to the unit's fighters.

Today, a solemn presentation of the personnel of the Odesa unit of the "Life Safety" paramilitary security service of the National Police of Ukraine took place near the monument to Duke de Richelieu in Odesa. The event involved senior-most officials of the city and officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.