Socialists in Kherson force deputies to consider social issues, notwithstanding "titushky" attack


Socialists in Kherson have achieved the inclusion of the issues on the creation of commissions to study the justifiability of utilities tariffs, investigate into spending of funds on road repair and accruing subsidies to the agenda of the session of the city council.

This became possible thanks to the strong stand of the chairman of the Kherson regional organization of the SPU Kyrylo Stremousov and party activists.

"We have already raised these issues at the previous session. Today we came to remind deputies of their promises. Despite the resistance from the authorities, I think that we have reached the maximum possible result for now," Stremousov told the press service of the Socialist Party, commenting on the situation.

Another proposal of the Socialists aroused a conflict in the session hall. When trying to put the proposal of the Socialists to reduce the amount of pre-threshold procurement from UAH 200,000 to UAH 30,000 to vote, unknown persons attempted to pull down Stremousov from the rostrum. The session was collapsed.

"Titushky" [hired thugs], who were deliberately brought from Mykolaiv, tried to remove me from the rostrum. Indeed, the reduction of the pre-threshold amounts of procurement is the worst thing that can happen for some deputies. Here, in the session hall, there are people who are under investigation for the embezzlement of budget funds during pre-threshold procurement. They want to continue stealing. If they are forced to work through the ProZorro [e-procurement] system, they would lose money. Therefore, they provoked a scuffle in the session hall," Stremousov said.

The chairman of the regional organization of the SPU promised that the public will not allow corrupt officials to further plunder the city budget.

"As early as the first days of April, a tent will appear in front of the city council, where the community will rally. We would give the deputies no minute to forget that they came to the city council to distribute the budget in the interests of society and not in their own," Stremousov said.