Illia Kyva: "Neither Putin, nor Medvedchuk are to blame for the war in Ukraine. Only ourselves!"


Our authorities benefit from the situation when "there is no war, no peace" in Ukraine. Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva gave this opinion, commenting on the Bubenchyk case on 112 television channel.

"We live in times of war, which our authorities still do not recognize. It is convenient for them in this way. It is convenient to manipulate society. It is convenient to steal and launder money. It is convenient to fill graves with soldiers, raking in a fortune on it. And this chaos will continue as long as these people are in power. And this means that everyone who is now defending the country runs the risk of being in the place of Bubenchyk," he said.

Kyva also said that he considers the accusations against Bubenchyk as probing the mood of society regarding the restoration of the old political system in Ukraine.

"They are constantly probing into something. Something like let us try to put Bubenchyk into jail and see if society has forgotten at what price the victory of Maidan was given to us. Has not forgotten? Then we re-qualify his proceedings using another article and get it for the act of oblivion. We have a very serious enemy, and the pro-Russian forces will not simply surrender. Look what is happening. Medvedchuk is already openly buying TV channels and announces plans to resume his political career. Lena Bondarenko calmly walks around Kyiv. And two years ago these people were afraid of raising their heads. If we are indifferent, attempts to return will continue," the head of the SPU said.

The politician said that the culprits should be sought not in Russia, but in our country.

"It's not Medvedchuk who is to blame and not Putin. It is shit in our power. In the fourth year of the war, this war, as it is, has not been recognized. Instead of recognizing the aggressor as an aggressor, we are expanding our trade with Russia every year. With one hand, we increase the country's dependence on Russian business, and with other, we send the guys to die in the trenches. While we are keeping such a contradictory posture, people's faith in Ukraine would weaken. And this is exactly what our enemies are trying to achieve," Kyva said.

According to the leader of the socialists, if the situation develops in the same vein, then the patience of the people could burst.

"You ask: will I condemn a new revolution? Watch lest I head this revolution! There is a point of no return. Whom do we see today on the screens? Yulia Tymoshenko, who lied to us for 20 years? Oleh Liashko, who has been engaged in populism for 20 years? And these people call themselves the opposition. They are trying to return us to the old, having crossed out everything that we defended during the Revolution of Dignity," Kyva said.