Kyiv regional organization of SPU opposes medicine mafia


The public of Boyarka, Kyiv region, went to a protest rally against the outrage of officials from medicine. The Kyiv regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine took an active part in the rally.

The reason for the protest rally was the dismissal of Roman Chernytsky, the head of the gynecological department of Boyarka District Hospital. According to member of the Political Council of the regional organization of the SPU Valentyna Bernatska, a commission, which was created after a complaint by one of the patients in 2015, recommended to dismiss Chernytsky.

"It is strange that the verdict was issued only in three years. And yet, the commission tells us that Roman Chernytsky was constantly doing his job unprofessionally. There were many Cesarean sections in January and cuttings of organs. But among the members of this commission there was not a single gynecologist or obstetrician who could professionally evaluate the doctor's work," Bernatska said.

The activists believe that the real reason for dismissing Chernytsky is the desire to employ a wife of Chief Physician of the regional hospital Oleknsadr Zavadetsky, Natalia Yaremchuk, to his post. This, finally, has happened.

During the rally, the leadership of the hospital came to the protesters. After long negotiations, the demonstrators were promised that Chernytsky and the nurse manager would not be dismissed and they would be offered other positions.

"Another gynecological department was created in the hospital. And we insist that it is headed by Roman Chernytsky. He has 35 years of experience in medicine. The people like him should not be lost!" Bernatska said.

In addition, the activists expressed indignation that after the gynecological department was headed by Natalia Yaremchuk, they began to charge for some services that should be officially provided here free of charge.

Kyiv regional organization of the SPU will closely monitor the development of the situation and reserves the right at any time to resume the protest rally in front of the walls of the district hospital.