Hypocrisy of this century. Do the Ukrainian authorities need NATO and the EU?


Will Ukraine join NATO and the European Union? I am convinced that, finally, it will enter. But this will happen only after the corrupt officials, who are sitting "on the cash flows," are swept out of power.

Today's government talks a lot about the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. But how sincere is it? The answer is simple: all assurances of the authorities that Ukraine is committed to join NATO and the EU are false. They are deceitful because the integration of the country into these organizations will put an end to the plundering of the country. And this, the plundering, is the only thing that is interesting for today's authorities, as well as all the previous authorities, by the way. NATO and the European Union mean the strong Ukraine. And what good will the strong Ukraine be to officials? A strong country cannot be saddled and broken. A strong country is a strong nation that does not allow to be robbed. These people are a death sentence for corrupt officials. Can you imagine a person who will sign a death sentence himself? And our authorities would never accept this in no way.

Do you remember the scandal about the procurement of fuel for the Armed Forces involving Deputy Defense Minister Ihor Pavlovsky? Is it possible to imagine a similar situation in a NATO member country? No, it is, because these countries need strong Armed Forces. And the Ukrainian authorities do not need the strong Armed Forces, they need forces that can be plundered and robbed. The most disgusting thing about this fuel story is that it happened during the war. The soldiers are perishing in the front, and those like Pavlovsky are fattening their pockets. And this happens not only with fuel - millions of hryvnias are plundered during deliveries of food, ammunition and medicines to the Armed Forces...

It is possible to stop this only in one way: by ruthless punishment. You stole something – go to jail. You stole from the Armed Forces during the war - go to prison for term of life. Yes, we do not have the death penalty in our country. And we should have, perhaps. In China, for example, there is a death penalty for corrupt officials. And China is the second largest economy in the world. It has the third strongest Armed Forces on the planet.

But let's return to Ukraine's joining NATO and the EU. Why do I support it? There are two reasons. The first is that joining these institutions would allow us to overcome corruption. So far, all anti-corruption institutions in Ukraine were created only under the pressure of Western countries. NABU, NACP and SAPO (the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Agency for Corruption Prevention and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office) - they were not created thanks to Ukrainian officials, but against their will. But they were simply forced to do this, laying it on the line: if there is no fight against corruption, you get no money, which means for our officials that if they do not give the money, there would be nothing to steal. This is a vicious circle that way. So they steal with one hand and are forced to take measures to combat theft with another.

The second reason is that joining NATO will make the Ukrainian Armed Forces strong. The strong Armed Forces are a guarantee of peace in our country, because usually they do not attack a strong country.

However, let me repeat: in order for Ukraine to join NATO and the EU it is necessary to change the power. With today's werewolves and hypocrites, we would never go anywhere. We did it already - when Yushchenko was President, Ukraine could receive a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP). The summit of the Alliance was even being prepared. But our corrupt officials deliberately failed to prepare Ukraine for it and later, MAP was no longer in the agenda.

And this situation will be repeated again and again - until we choose an honest power, until the principle of the inevitability of punishment is implemented in Ukraine. And only when we do this, NATO and the EU will open their doors to us.