Illia Kyva: "Be human and believe in miracles. Christ is Risen!"


Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva congratulated Ukrainians on the occasion of Easter, saying that during the war it is especially difficult and especially important not to forget "about the main thing."

"Ukraine is going through a hard and bitter time. The time that sometimes makes us forget about real values: about life, about love. Yes, we often say vivid words about winged sentiments. However, it becomes more difficult for us to make a step and take care of each other. Easter is a day of rebirth! The day when people witnessed that miracles exist. Let this holiday in the heart of each of us give birth to love and the desire to give it to our loved ones. No matter in what times we would have lived, the most valuable thing in our lives is our family and our children. Be human and believe in miracles. Christ is Risen! Risen indeed!" the politician said.