You cannot simultaneously fight war and trade with aggressor — Kyva


The Ukrainian authorities should honestly recognize that they financially depend on Russia, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva has said on 112 TV channel.

"[Naftogaz Ukrainy CEO Andriy] Kobolev states that if Russia stops gas transit through Ukraine, we will lose $3.5 billion. That is all you need to know about the war with Russia. With this position, the authorities should honestly recognize that they financially depend on the Russian Federation. Return the East, get financial compensation for Crimea and continue business with Russia without loud statements about a full and quick victory in exchange for lifting the sanctions from Russia," he said.

Kyva reminded that it is impossible to fight a war and simultaneously trade with the aggressor.

"There are rules of conduct in case of a war. There are laws and conventions. They suggest a break in financial and diplomatic relations. And there are economic and political factors that influence our relations with Russia. And if the authorities agree to continue the relations, even taking into account the loss of territories, then, from a legal point of view, this situation needs to be confirmed by respective agreements, and not to spend human and material resources on the war. Resources, which many times exceed $3.5 billion a year!" the politician said.

The head of the Socialist Party said that today there is no politician in power in Ukraine who would have taken the liberty of unequivocally resolving the issue of relations with Russia.

"While the 'a feeding trough' dictates its conditions to Ukraine, the political bosses feed the people with tales of patriotism. There are only two solutions to the issue: legally correct and economically unprofitable, and the legally incorrect one, but economically viable. There are no politicians who could make one of these two decisions. This issue had to be taken to a referendum a long time ago. After all, the people of Ukraine have the right to determine their future," Kyva said.