Socialists from Chernihiv call on authorities to carry out social obligations to society


Chernihiv socialists have begun an active campaign aimed at forcing the regional center authorities to perform their social obligations to the community. For that end, the regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) initiated the resumption of the program for providing lump-sum financial assistance to socially vulnerable citizens.

"This program was adopted in 2001. It envisages a simplified procedure for providing this assistance. The program was constantly extended. The last time it happened in 2014: the decision to extend it for 2015-2018 was made. In 2015, UAH 20 million was allocated for this. And everyone, who submitted an application to the city administration, was able to receive UAH 500 of assistance each. However, since 2016, the funding of the program has actually stopped," Chairman of Chernihiv regional organization of the SPU Dmytro Zinin said.

The city authorities of Chernihiv tried to organize resistance to such an initiative of socialists.

The city authorities of Chernihiv tried to organize resistance to this initiative of the socialists.

"When people, after having received information from us that they have the right to receive a lump-sum allowance, came to the city councils with the respective statements, they [authorities] began to say that there is no program. However, we have proved by facts that this is a lie. People in protest against this lie blocked the street. Then Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Lomako started calling the police chief with demands that he finds any excuse to press on the leadership of the regional organization of the SPU. In particular, my car was parked on the street, and it was damaged with the purpose of imitating an accident allegedly committed by me. However, the police refused to violate the law," Zinin said.

According to Zinin, the Chernihiv socialists are not going to renege on their demands.

"We have already prepared an appeal to the deputies of the city council to increase the financing of the program. In 2015, the city's budget was UAH 1 billion. In 2018 – it was UAH 3 billion. Thus, we believe that the amount of assistance this year should be UAH 1,000 per person, rather than UAH 500 as it was three years ago. On April 26, the session of the City Council will take place. Then the deputies will show whether they really support the Chernihiv residents. After all, installing fountains in the city is good, but, first and foremost, we need to take care of the social situation of people who have been brought to poverty in the recent years," Zinin said.