Kyva arrives to Boyarka to defend doctor who was illegally dismissed


Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva came to Boyarka to support residents of the Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district, protesting against arbitrary actions of medical officials. The reason for this was the appeal of citizens, which was signed by almost one and a half thousand people who are against the dismissal of the doctor of the regional hospital of Roman Chernytsky. Today, several hundreds of people gathered in protest at the walls of the district hospital in Boyarka.

"I came here to help and protect the residents of the district who suffer from arbitrariness. It is about the health of the nation. Corrupted officials from medicine kill people - in a literal sense," the politician said, addressing the residents of the district.

Kyva also said that he intends to bring to justice officials who are involved in corruption schemes. Residents of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district believe that first of all, Chief Physician of the district hospital of Oleksandr Zavadetsky and Head of the public health department of the regional administration Roman Liava are this kind of people.

"I do not know who is providing a crime-sponsored cover to them and who is behind these dregs. However, they must run away, or woe will be you! This is impunity and impudence. This is almost a hundred of dismissed doctors who disagree with the actions of their chiefs; this is, in fact, the privatization of one of the departments of the hospital repaired using public funds... And this is not all the facts that indicate corruption in this medical institution seen for several years," the head of the SPU said.

Kyva jointly with illegally dismissed doctor Roman Chernytsky and a group of activists demanded that the chief physician of the district hospital, Oleksandr Zavadetsky, annuls the order to dismiss Chernitsky. In addition, the activists demanded that Zavadetsky writes a letter of resignation.

"Do we need to stand on our knees in front of you, so that you show this doctor the order to dismiss him? You put people on the knees. When I raise from my knees, I will pin you to the ground. You will look into my eyes and then think about what will happen next. Nobody will ever bail you out from anything," Kyva said, addressing Zavadetsky and Liava.

The head of the Socialist Party said that he intends to get the situation to the curb and appeal to law enforcement agencies and directly to the Ministry of Health.

"They think they are eternal. But I have already seen such "eternal" people in my lifetime. Now I will register my application with the police and the prosecutor's office. And then I will go to the Ministry of Health and I will seek a meeting with the acting Minister Ulana Suprun. This is what I will do. And this is what I would like to do: to hang these corrupt officials on the nearest poles," Kyva said.