Socialist Party starts out for Donbas to celebrate May Day and help people suffered from separatists' attacks


The Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) and the Ukrainian Union of Veterans of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) celebrated May Day helping the victims of the war in the east and launched a campaign to repair houses that were destroyed due to shelling by separatists.

"While some people go with flags and cry out slogans, we work. "Peace, Labor, May!" slogan... Here it is - labor. Today people do not need parades - this is relic of history. And today the country is ruined by war. Ukrainians have to live and pass winters in half-ruined houses. We cannot bring the dead in the war back to life. However, we can do something for people here and now, just roll up our sleeves and take the hammer in our hands. It is time to rebuild the country! And therefore, on the May Day holiday, the Socialist Party and my veteran organization decided to start repairing houses that are in the zone of contact with the enemy!" SPU Chairman Illia Kyva said.

The head of the party, as well as the ATO veterans, took part in the works. The first project to help residents of the front-line areas began in the village of Olhynka, Volnovakha district of Donetsk region.

Kyva said that he knows these places since the times when he defended the country at the front.

"In 2014, my brothers defended Ukraine with weapons in their hands. Today we came back here with tools to help people establish a peaceful life. We must show the inhabitants of the front-line areas that the Ukrainian military servicemen are always ready to come to the rescue, not only with machine guns, but also with hammers," Kyva said.

The SPU leader promised that socialists and ATO veterans will continue making these steps in the future to help people living in the front-line areas to establish a peaceful life.