To catch departing train. Why authorities need early election


Texr from the blog of Illia Kyva on the website

Looking at the steps of Ukrainian politicians, we can confidently state that the pre-election campaign is in full swing in the country. And not wanting to give way to someone else, the pro-government forces have begun to prepare for early elections - both parliamentary and presidential. After all, they perfectly understand: people's lives are deteriorating - trust in power is falling along with the ratings of Petro Poroshenko. And they do not have a year ahead.

Evidence of early elections was a serious trump card, which the President recently took out of his sleeve. Such trumps are not tabled a year before the election. A unified local Orthodox church! We have many believers in the country, and the initiative of Petro Poroshenko to create a Ukrainian local autocephalous church will make many people to forget about the corrupt sins of his team. However, in a year such a story will be forgotten. To derive political benefit from it is possible only now, when it is at the peak of efficiency.

However, there is a referendum on joining NATO! Another trump card that can be tabled. It can be timed to early elections – this is cheaper. This will also add some percentage of popularity to the presidential team.

In fact, today the rivals of the President's team have not yet decided using what kind of configuration they will fight for power. And it is early elections that can provide the required odds. After all, while the ratings of Poroshenko are falling, the power of conviction of some of his rivals is growing stronger in the eyes of the voters amid the impoverishment of people and the still ongoing war, because the fact that on May 1 the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) was turned into a Joint Forces Operation - will not make the dead more alive. Yulia Tymoshenko today is the main rival of the incumbent President. And it is no coincidence that the pro-government forces are most afraid that she will arrange joining together efforts with the People's Front party. This will destroy their monopoly on the so-called administrative resources, and then the chances of Poroshenko to be re-elected will decrease several times.

In politics, there are no fights till it bleeds - all the fights happen "before the talks". They "fight" in public, and behind the scenes they gather at a table somewhere in Vienna or Geneva to discuss how they will act. I travel a lot around the country and I see that in most constituencies work to convince voters is "humming". The parties are already selling constituencies to raise money for elections.

The only thing we should not forget is that the election campaign is an absolute manipulation. We will be told about anything to divert attention from daily problems. About a unified local church. About joining NATO. "Onyshchenko's tapes" will be displayed stealthily. To play a performance for the people! So before you think about who vote for, look into your refrigerator. Breathe in the frosty air and take a look at the empty shelves. It will sober you!