Today we need one more Victory


Texr from the blog of Illia Kyva on the website


Victory Day for me is the day of admiration for the heroism of soldiers who have overcome fascism. I celebrate this day not as a politician, but as a soldier and a citizen.


 This victory was forged by all the nations of the USSR. And not only the USSR. Almost all the nations of Europe fought against Nazism It is people, not the political regimes! And when today politicians arrange a tug of war, telling about whose contribution to the Victory was bigger, it goes against me.


My grandfather, Hero of the Soviet Union, Filip Kyva, forged that Victory with other soldiers. And laying flowers at the Monument to the Soldier Liberator, at the Eternal Fire, I paid tribute to him.


We are soldiers, and we know how to recognize the feat of soldiers. Therefore, the Ukrainian Union of ATO Veterans six months ago took the Eternal Fire under protection. We defend the monument from intrusion, because we know what it is like to fight, risking your life every day. Risking, but believing in victory.


Honoring the memory of victorious soldiers we must not forget about the present day. Today we need one more Victory. Victory over the aggressor and collaborators. Victory over corruption and lawlessness. Victory over officials who crossed the line, who steal in the face of day. Victory over chaos.


 It will not be easy to gain this victory. But the example of our grandfathers shows: even in the most hopeless situation, one must believe in victory and bring it closer at all cost.


Veterans of the ATO can and must become the force that will liberate Ukraine from all evil spirits, both external and internal. We have gone through the front and we are not afraid of anything. We are able to defend our land and destroy the enemy in the same way as the veterans of the World War II did. And we will cope with the task - no matter how they tried to prevent us. And the example of soldiers who have defeated Nazism will help us in this.


Eternal glory to you, soldiers of that distant war! You bore it. You survived. You won! So, we, your descendants, will win!