Illia Kyva greets Metropolitan Mikhail happy birthday


Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva has greeted Metropolitan of Lutsk and Volyn Mikhail happy birthday in Lutsk.

Together with members of the political council of the Socialist Party Serhiy Vozny, Ivan Halunha and Chairman of the Volyn regional organization of the Socialist Party Anatoly Kostyk, Kyva in the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Lutsk, greeted the Metropolitan happy birthday.

First of all, Kyva wished the metropolitan to be strong and have stamina.

"We have come to pay tribute and congratulate you on your birthday. I wish that the Lord has given you the strength and stamina, because first of all, stamina is necessary in this war," the head of the Socialist Party said, addressing the birthday celebrant.

Kyva and his colleagues presented a pectoral icon - a small icon with the image of Our Lady, which is worn on the chest by bishops as a sign of the dignity of bishops - to the Metropolitan.

"It was made under an order, so that the Mother of God would protect you and give you strength and protection," the head of the SPU said.

Metropolitan Mikhail immediately put on the pectoral icon, which will serve him for conducting church sacrament.

The Metropolitan made a short tour around the cathedral for the guests from Kyiv and told the history of the cathedral.

Kyva, along with fellow party members, prayed for peace in Ukraine.

In addition to congratulations, the chairman of the Socialist Party managed to discuss important issues for Ukraine with the Metropolitan.

"We will work with Metropolitan Mikhail to strengthen the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and create conditions for the development of the Ukrainian autocephalous church. Metropolitan Michael is the person who in the territory of Volyn region has the highest authority among the churchmen," Kyva said, speaking about the plans for cooperation with the Metropolitan.