Today we have two wars — one in the east of the country, and the other inside — a war of officials against our own people - Kyva


A coffin, with a dummy lying in it, which symbolizes the people of Ukraine, was laid near the building of the Presidential Administration. This happened during the protest action entitled "For Healthcare Without Corruption", which was held by the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) today, on May 17.

"Ukraine has been turned into a coffin, and the Ukrainian people are "corpses." If someone else is breathing, then in fact he or she has one foot in the grave. They wiped the flow with the people, the country has been ruined. It has been engulfed by poverty. The entire policy of the authorities today is aimed at genocide of the people! People cannot even afford to hurt themselves, saying: "If I fall ill it would mean I have died." This is because corrupt officials throw away honest doctors from the profession, and horse-doctors came in their place, capable of easily slaughtering a patient on the operating table," Head of the SPU Illia Kyva said.

As an example, which is a "mirror image of what is happening in the entire country," he took the situation in Boyarka, where the head of the health department of the district administration, Roman Liava, and the chief physician of the district hospital, Oleksandr Zavadetsky, fired a doctor with a thirty year experience - Roman Chernytsky.

"They wanted to use the equipment purchased using the public money for commercial purposes. Chernytsky resisted this, and he, like over a hundred other doctors, was simply thrown out into the street! While Liava declares millions - with a salary of $500! And when I asked Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky District Administration Head Smyrnova to take a closer look at this, she replied that she would not take any look, as it is all under her control," the SPU leader said.

Kyva held President Poroshenko responsible for what is happening in the healthcare sector.

"Today we have two wars - one in the East of the country, and the other inside - a war of officials against their own people. And the responsibility for this rests with the President. I fought in the first war and I am ready to fight in the second. If President Poroshenko does not hear us, we would depose this power," Kyva said.

The nongovernmental organizations "Center for the Protection of Human Rights" and "Revival of Poltava Region" also supported the socialists. More than 200 people came out in a protest to the building of the Presidential Administration.