Work on book entitled "Eastern Front" with participation of Chairman of Zhytomyr regional organization of SPU Serhiy Holiaka is completed.


Recently, the joint work of Chairman of the Zhytomyr regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Serhiy Holiaka and local writer Yaroslav Maruschenko on the new edition about the military operations in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) was completed.

The book is called the "Eastern Front" written in the style of a "story"." It tells readers about the merits of the Cyborgs and the defense of the Donetsk airport.

The purpose of the publication is to raise the level of the patriotic consciousness of the younger generation.

According to Holiaka, joint work on the book is a patient and lengthy process: "It is not simple memories. It is a return to those days of struggle and defense. It is necessary once again to go through those events, struggle and fear. Fear not for personal life, but for fellow men, fear for the future of the entire country."

"The author pursues the important and humane goal - the truthful reproduction of those events in a book that every Ukrainian can read and know for himself that those guys who are still in the East are warriors of the victory for sure! And they defend their native country from the invasion of the enemy occupants until the final victory over the Russian Varangians," the head of the Zhytomyr regional organization of the SPU said, sharing his impressions of the cooperation with the author.

This edition is a multi-part edition. It is based on the stories of real heroes about the events in the East since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation.