Kherson official admits she pressed on agencies that posted ads of Socialist Party


Kherson socialists came to the mayor's office with a demand to stop repression against the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU). About 100 people took part in the event. Activists protested against the destruction of billboards with the advertisement of the campaign of the SPU "Ukraine without Peter!"

Head of Kherson Regional Organization of the SPU Kyrylo Stremousov had a success in having a meeting with Mayor Volodymyr Nikolayenko and Head of department of aesthetics and outdoor advertising Tetiana Pitsenko.

Pitsenko admitted that she called to the advertising agencies to find out who ordered the campaign advertisement. However, she denies that she called on the agencies to remove SPU advertisements from billboards.

"On June 3 Pitsenko called the agencies. And on June 4 our advertisements disappeared from the billboards. The advertisers told me that Pitsenko threatened them with harassment by law enforcement agencies. Of course, she denies this. She actually tells funny stories - according to her information, the pasting of advertisements was unauthorized, without the knowledge of the owners of the boards. This is ridiculous! This whole situation shows that the authorities - both in Kherson and Kyiv – have a phobia for the SPU," Stremousov said.

At a meeting with the mayor and the head of department of aesthetics and outdoor advertising Stremousov made them promise that the new billboards advertising "Ukraine without Peter!" campaign will not be destroyed.