Kyva: We will remove Poroshenko, then free Sentsov and stop war


The release of Oleh Sentsov and other Ukrainian hostages in Russia is hampered by the hypocrisy of the Ukrainian authorities, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said on Espresso TV.

"In Europe and around the world they have long understood: the Ukrainian authorities are lying and playing a double game. Therefore, they are not in a hurry to help with the pressure on Russia to release political prisoners. The authorities declare the need for the release of Sentsov, while trading with the aggressor. They lie from the rostrum of the European Parliament, from the rostrum of the UN. The entire world is imposing sanctions against Russia, bearing economic losses, while the authorities continue dealing with it [Russia]," he said.

Kyva laid the responsibility for the possible death of Sentsov as a result of the hunger strike on the acting Ukrainian government.

"Today is the 32nd day of Sentsov's hunger strike. This is the terminal state, and it hurts. This guy dies because his own state incompetently takes care of him. Ukraine did nothing to return him. But we continue to feed them with delicious cakes. For this is he dying? For this did I fight a year and a half?" the head of the SPU said.

The politician also showed a shirt with the "Ukraine without Poroshenko" slogan, saying that he would walk in it until the president is removed from power.

"We will remove Poroshenko, and then we will free Sentsov and stop the war. I will walk in this T-shirt until Poroshenko is in the office of president," Kyva said.