"European values" or manipulation? Why are gay prides organized in Ukraine?


Texr from the blog of Illia Kyva on the website LB.ua

Homosexuality has become an aggressive policy, to which the EU inclines us. People are trying to convince that "same-sex love" is in the order of things. The lobbyists for the "LGBT rights" are everywhere: in our government, in the editorial offices of the media. As a result, even in schools, children are told that homosexuality is normal. And in TV programs, the "LGBT rights" are actively discussed.

Only to what problem they are going to attract attention, arranging all these demonstrations and gay parades? The infringement of the rights of the LGBT community is a problem concocted out of thin air. In Ukraine there is a tolerant attitude towards sexual minorities. They work, get medical care, social services – the same as all citizens of Ukraine. However, today healthy, young, strong guys "cry" that someone infringes their rights and a show is arranged around it, forgetting those categories people who really need to protect their rights. First and foremost, these are people with disabilities and wheelchair users. These are dozens of thousands of citizens with amputated limbs who are deprived of an opportunity to leave their apartments, since there are no lifts or ramps in the Khruschev-era buildings. These people cannot get a job with a decent salary. Their disability pension does not allow them to make ends meet. Here their rights are really infringed. Their rights really need to be defended. But they do not arrange marches!

"We back European values" is simply a convenient message for Ukrainian politicians, which does not require any real action. After all, to ensure these "rights" you do not need to do anything, as they are not violated by anyone. But it is convenient to self-promote on this "problem".

But what are these values? This is just an intimate part of the biography of a person, which, for some reason, the LGBT community representatives are trying to demonstrate to everyone. The European standard of living for Ukrainian citizens - these are the values. Strong armed forces capable of winning the war. Infrastructure allowing people with disabilities to feel themselves full members of society. These values you need to fight for with a real work, and not the organization of marches. Of course, this is more difficult than to claim from the television screen that you are "for gay pride."

I do not judge representatives of sexual minorities. But I want to remind you: children are born only in a traditional marriage. Therefore, I believe that it is not LGBT, but the traditions of the family and upbringing of children that are inherent in Ukrainian culture that should be promoted. We need a strong nation!