"The government is striving to destroy the state: it is necessary to raise the economy, not the minimum wage," Chairman of the Poltava organization of the SPU Serhiy Cherednichenko.


Raising the minimum wage will only worsen the situation in the country, because this burden will fall on the shoulders of entrepreneurs and lead to higher prices for products. Chairman of the Poltava organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Serhiy Cherednichenko gave his opinion on the Espresso TV channel.

"Have we increased production volumes? The rise of the salary will again be laid on entrepreneurs. This will entail an increase in the prices of goods. It is necessary to raise the economy, not the minimum wage, and not the government should increase the salary, but entrepreneurs – via development, increasing production volumes. How, for example, will salaries grow for drivers when we have a decrease in passenger traffic and the cost of fuel has increased?" the chairman of the Poltava organization of the SPU said.

Cherednichenko said that the state should take care of creating conditions for business, which, in turn, will reduce the emigration indicators, because then the salary itself would grow. He also said that while "Ukraine is the richest country in Europe with large resources, with the best Constitution and laws in Europe," the development of business and economy is hampered by "a lack of professionalism, corruption and 27 years of degradation".

"In 1991, we ranked 16th in the world in economic development. We produced everything from a needle to a spacecraft. And now we do not produce anything - we import everything, we only export our own resources: wheat, ore and minerals. In Poltava, for example, industry is destroyed. Even such powerful giants as AvtoKrAZ or a car-building plant in Kremenchuk now practically do not produce anything. Roads are built by the Turks, Italians and Chinese. Ukrainian state policy, conditions and a lack of technology hinder Ukrainians to participate in tenders. We have neither equipment, nor technology. And we would not have these, because attracting only foreign enterprises, we develop their technologies at our own expense," Cherednichenko said.

The politician also said that in order for real changes to take place in the country, it is necessary to "completely reset the power: from the President to the head of a district administration."