I. Kyva: The main values ​​for the state should be the life, well-being and dignity of its citizens


Illia Kyva congratulates Ukrainian citizens on the Constitution Day.

"Respect for human rights and freedoms, human life and dignity as the highest value - 22 years ago, with the adoption of the Constitution, these principles became the foundation of a new independent state. This day proclaimed the sovereign will of the Ukrainian people, marked its desire for freedom and independence.

But today the authorities have forgotten about these values. They allowed violating the integrity of our territory, selling the property of our people, arranging thoughtless privatization. They allowed humiliating the dignity of our people, forcing pensioners to stand in queues for hours to visit doctors, begging for subsidies.

We will remind them which principles they should follow. We will overcome these hardships as a next step in the development of a strong, firm and democratic state. The state that protects its citizens!

We will force to respect the life and dignity of our citizens!

Happy Constitution Day!"