I.Kyva: "Aggression towards Gypsies decreases when authorities force them to abide by the law of Ukraine"


The authorities must compel the Gypsies to comply with the laws of the country in which they live. Only a change in their criminal way of life will be able to lower the level of aggression of ordinary citizens towards them, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva wrote on his Facebook page.

"They rob, engaged in fraud, sell drugs and all this, of course, causes a negative reaction in society. What does it take for us, the Ukrainians, not to lose tolerance and not fall into chauvinism? We need the position of the state and, first and foremost, of the law enforcement system, which should make people living on the territory of Ukraine to comply with laws regardless of their nationality or posts they run!" he said.

Kyva said that the essence of the imminent punishment in this case is that "society will cease to feel the danger emanating from them, which causes a negative attitude and causes violence." In his opinion, violence is only the self-preservation instinct, and the imminent punishment for a crime "will force even the Gypsies to change their way of life."

The head of the SPU also said that he considers it necessary to take the appropriate action, as he does not want his children to repeat the story that he himself experienced as a child.

"I had my personal experience of dealing with Gypsies at the age of 13, when, after receiving a monthly salary, I returned home full of proud. In summer I decided not to relax, but to earn money, and got a part-time job at Poltava Locomotive Repair Plant. So, returning home, I went to the local market to buy a gift for my mother and I met a group of women of Roma nationality who offered to lift a witch's curse from my mother and protect me from illness. As a result, they took all my earned money and put a curse on me..." the politician said.

In his statement he also addressed the Gypsies: "In our country you have two ways - either you will observe laws, respect the state and people, or you will feed lice in prisons! My country will be in order!" the head of the SPU said.