Social protection instead of handouts. What the authorities should do for Ukrainian pensioners?


Texr from the blog of Illia Kyva on the website

How to live on UAH 1,000 a month? The answer to this question is constantly being sought by millions of Ukrainian pensioners. For the authorities, it seems that the words "pension" and "handout" have long become synonymous.

Since July 1, the government has raised the minimum pension to UAH 1,435. This increase will affect about a million pensioners - those who previously received a lower amount. And for some pensioners, this "increase" in practice will result... in as much as one hryvnia. The largest supplement will be UAH 62 per month. Reporting on this "increase", the government modestly hides the fact that there are no such allowances in any European country. Even in Estonia, which, like us, left the former USSR, the smallest guaranteed pension is EUR 175.

By its mockery of the elderly, the Ukrainian government has already "achieved" the fact that the number of pensioners in the country has decreased by 200,000. And this is only for the last year! Older people are doomed to extinction in Ukraine. And how do you want them to live if their money is not enough not only for medicines, but even for bread?

The fact that the Ukrainian government purposely destroys pensioners is evidenced by yet another figure. It turns out, in the opinion of the government, that people who are not able to work need less money for living than able-bodied people. Therefore, the size of the "subsistence minimum" for them is UAH 400 less than for employable persons. UAH 1,435 instead of UAH 1,841. It is likely that the ministers did not know that this amount is often not enough for pensioners even for one visit to a pharmacy.

It would have been good to set a salary of UAH 1,435 for the Minister of Social Policy, Andriy Reva, as well as for all officials whom the life of Ukrainian pensioners depends on. Perhaps after spending several months with that salary, they will understand: pensions in Ukraine need to be raised not by several hryvnias, but several times.

The minimum pension in the country should be at least UAH 5,000, and the average - UAH 1,000. Where can we get money for this? The answer is simple: stop stealing! Only through the Social Insurance Fund every year, corrupt officials steal more than UAH 20 billion, allegedly sent for the maintenance of recreation centers. And how many other corruption schemes are there in various "social" institutions of the country? If you stop these scams and send the money saved from stealing into the pension fund, the pensions in the country will grow radically.

Another source of capitalizing the pension fund is raising the minimum wage to UAH 10,000 and removing salaries from the shadows. Put employers in prison and not punish with imposing small fines for backdoor salaries! Thereafter, the payment of single social security tax will immediately double, or even triple!

However, in addition to material welfare, there is another aspect of the attitude of the state towards older people. Everyone wants to feel himself or herself a respected member of society, and especially, the retired people. After all, they have already given their best years to this country and have the right to count on the gratitude on its part, especially when it comes to their health. In our country the elderly people are compelled to sit out many-hour lines in polyclinics and suffer indifference from the personnel of hospitals.

An effective patronage medical service should be created in Ukraine. A personal health visitor and a nurse must be assigned to every 1,000 pensioners and people with disabilities. And they must regularly visit their patients - themselves, without a special call. They should measure the pressure, prescribe a medicine, make an injection... and save the older people from the need to drag to the clinic and wait there in a queue for a reception.

Our country will only benefit from this attitude towards pensioners and people with disabilities. After all, a reverent attitude towards the older generation caused respect in all countries and at all times. This means that Ukraine would also look like a civilized country in the eyes of other states.