I.Kyva: "Authorities is trying to use the CEC as a tool for election fraud"


The Central Election Commission (CEC) should not be created using the principle of representation of certain political forces, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva has said on 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"Members of the CEC should be basically apolitical. They should not be representatives of political forces in general. I would propose the president to nominate war veterans who fought in the east of the country to the CEC members. These people have proved their loyalty to the country, unlike the political forces represented in the parliament," he said.

Kyva also said that the Presidential Administration is trying to use the CEC as a tool for election fraud.

"The composition of the CEC is shaped for the Presidential Administration to benefit. For him, this is a tool for influencing elections. The old structure of the commission is convenient for the Presidential Administration. They are easier to manipulate. Several potential criminal cases for manipulation in the past elections could be opened against them. The problems with the voting on the composition of the Central Election Commission arise because now a vertical of authority is being built that will allow to influence the outcome of the presidential and Verkhovna Rada elections. After all, Poroshenko understands that if he is not reelected, he would be put in jail. Therefore, he will do his best not to prevent that from happening," the head of the SPU said.