I. Kyva said that stopping the work of "DneprAzot" is evidence of deliberate destruction of domestic industry


The Ukrainian authorities pursue a policy of genocide of their own people, depriving people of jobs and means of subsistence. This position was voiced by the Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva, speaking at a rally in support of the chemical industry at the Dnepr enterprise in Kamenskoye, Dnipropetrovsk region

"I was taught to defend my Motherland and my people. In 2014, when the enemy captured part of our territory, I volunteered as one of the first. But today the enemy is destroying the nation. Today, the enemy is the president who conducts a policy of genocide of his own people. The agrarian country loses its own fertilizers and begins to buy them into the aggressor countries. Enterprises stop, families remain without income. Today 4000 employees of the enterprise can remain without work, without an opportunity to feed their families. The policy of the thirties is being conducted, when the population died out of hunger. This is the criminal policy of President Poroshenko. Today you were deprived of work, and tomorrow they will be deprived of life, "he said.

The politician also announced the restoration of the trade union movement, which, he said, would revive Ukrainian industry.

"For the sake of protecting the rights of workers, we will restore the independent trade union movement, which today has been turned into a convenient laying for power. I declare the formation of an independent trade union of industrialists, to which workers will join not only the chemical industry. The coal industry, metallurgy - they are just as looted. I believe in the unity of trade unions. Do not be afraid of the authorities - they must be afraid of us. After all, we are one, and this is our strength. By his assertiveness and unity we will wrest from the criminal regime the Right to work. We will make our country strong and independent, starting with small - from their jobs. Such abor collectives, like yours, united, not disunited - will be able to destroy the anti-Ukrainian regime. We just need to start and not let ourselves be divided, "Ilya Kyva said.

The Head of the SPU urged the workers of the chemical industry to hold the next meeting in Kiev, near the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers.

"We can talk for a long time here at the rally. But you need to go to Kiev. It's where the ghouls sit who drink our blood. We will speak with the leadership of Kamensky, with the leadership of the enterprise, that they help organize this liberation campaign. But even if this does not happen, we will do our best to make the hike happen. We love this country and will fight for it. And we will not leave any chances for this criminal regime, "Kyva stressed.

About 4 thousand employees took part in the rally on "DniproAzot". The protesters passed a resolution on holding the next rally in Kiev on July 11 - at the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is expected that more than 5 thousand people will take part in this meeting.