"Power kills Ukrainian industry", — Stremousov


The current authorities are killing the Ukrainian industry, and Ukraine is losing its position as a leader in the world market, the head of the Kherson regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Kirill Stremousov, said at a rally in support of DniprAzot employees.

"We stopped being a state that was the third in terms of industry in Europe and the tenth in the world," he said, speaking at a rally in Kamenskoye, the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Besides, he stressed, that today Ukrainians are deprived of the right to work.

"We are made slaves, but we will not be slaves. Today the war is not only in the East, but here too. We are not going to be taken prisoner, but we were disunited, dismembered. And we will win, only united, "stressed Stremousov.

In his opinion, the leader of the Socialist Party, Ilya Kyva, has all the chances, and moreover, it is possible to unite the people in the struggle against officials who are destroying Ukrainian enterprises.

"He can go to the Cabinet of Ministers, to the" highest "offices and call things by their proper names," he added.

In the meeting on “DneprAzot” was about 4 thousand employees of the enterprise took part. The protesters passed a resolution on holding the next rally in Kiev on July 11 - at the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is expected that more than 5 thousand people will take part in it.