Ilya Kyva:«Putin seized the Crimea and the Donbass, Poroshenko - the rest of the country»


For four years in power, Poroshenko's regime almost destroyed Ukrainian industry. This was at the meeting in defense of the chemical industry at the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers said the head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva.

"Today, industry is virtually destroyed. The coal industry is destroyed. Now they destroy the chemical. People are left without work. Dozens, hundreds of thousands of people! They take everything from us - the present, the future. Take life. We were turned into beggars, "he said.

Kyva also stressed that the internal enemy is much more dangerous than the external aggressor.

"When in 2014 I went to the front, I knew that the enemy was in the east. The enemy remained in the east. But now even more dangerous enemy - here in Kiev. It takes away from us the right to work, the right to life. If everything is clear with Putin - he captured part of our territory, then Poroshenko took over the rest of the country and destroys us, "said the leader of the Socialist Party.

Ilya Kyva called on industry workers to unite in the struggle for their rights.

"On such as you, the country keeps. They are trying to separate us. They are afraid of us! Therefore, they hide behind these walls. Our strength lies in our unity! "Said the politician.

One of the institutions that can protect workers' rights, Kyva considers a powerful independent trade union movement.

"We are creating an independent trade union. It will be a trade union of labor people, workers of industrial enterprises. I call on all working people to join it - by uniting, we will remove this thievish authority and restore our right to work, "he said.

Meeting at the Cabinet of Ministers was organized by chemical industry workers with the support of the Socialist Party in protest against the government's imposing exorbitant gas prices for chemical enterprises. This has already led to the shutdown of the company "DneprAzot", as a result of which more than 4 thousand people remained without work.

The protesters demand the creation of a working group under the Cabinet to resolve the issue of gas prices for the chemical industry.

In addition, a resolution was adopted at the rally, demanding the restoration of the Ministry of Industrial Policy, an urgent meeting with the participation of the Prime Minister and the heads of chemical enterprises, as well as increasing the excise tax on the import of mineral fertilizers from Russia. The resolution was presented to the representative of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The protesters also decided to create an independent trade union of industrial workers.