Kyva: Blowing up ammo depots in Chernihiv region another attempt to conceal theft


Blowing up of ammunition depots in Chernihiv region is an attempt of the authorities to hide another theft, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva has said.

"How can we defend ourselves when ammunition depots constantly explode just to hide another theft!" he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Kyva, those guilty of blowing up the depots will again be able to escape punishment, and the current government is guilty of this.

"Ammunition depots are burning again, only now in Chernihiv region! One may blame the external enemy for this, but it is time to face the truth. Svatove, Balakleya, Kalynivka ... Ichnia! Who was punished? Our country today is being torn apart and the biggest reason for this is we are! Our impotent and blind government, total impunity and corruption," he said.

The head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine said that only the toughening of punishment and its inevitability, the total reform of the military and law enforcement power units and the complete reload of power can change the situation.