Photo, video capturing of traffic violations to minimize road accidents, save lives - Kyva


The return of radar speed detectors and traffic police posts on the roads of Ukraine will impose discipline on drivers, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Illia Kyva has said.

"The return of radar speed detectors, [traffic police] posts, the return of the presence of law enforcement agencies to the roads - all this will impose discipline on motorists. This will minimize possible incidents, which means saving of lives," he said on the Espresso TV channel.

In addition, according to the politician, penalties for violations and fines should be tougher than the country has now.

"I am for heavier penalties. I favor returning the traffic police, because then there was more order," Kyva said.

At the same time, he said that these measures should be large-scale and implemented throughout the country, and not sparingly.

"Two capturing cameras in Kyiv are shots at sparrows. In any case, if it saves at least one life, then they [cameras] should be," he said.

As reported, the law on the legalization of photo and video capturing of traffic violations on roads entered into force in Ukraine. Letters with fines for violations of the traffic rules will be sent specifically to those to whom the car is registered, regardless of who was driving at the time of committing the offense.