Kyva: Ukraine lacks law and order


Ukrainian society has lost morality, the country needs strict discipline, law and order, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"Attacks on journalists are a marker not only for the authorities, but also for society. When a woman suffers from the hands of men, this society is degraded. In this country there is a lack of law and order, there is no iron hand that will make things right for us," he said on the Newsone television channel, commenting on the latest attack on a journalist.

The politician said that those present at the scene were obliged to prevent this incident.

"Everyone saw that something was poured on the journalist's head. No one knew if it was glue, or acid, or water... But no one helped her. This is a cross-section of our society," he said.

In his opinion, the responsibility for the situation in the country rests partly with everyone. The current government, infringement of the rights of journalists, attempts to close down TV channels - all these, according to Kyva, are derivatives of a society that has lost morality.

"The "Poroshenko" and all this type of "pastry chefs-presidents" are a derivative of our morality. We choose them, and then we are surprised. This society deserves strict discipline and punishment for the crimes committed. I go to the politics to make order in this country in order for women to feel calm on the street and, seeing men, they knew that they were their defenders," the head of the Socialist Party said.