The first warning - public transport not running in Poltava


On October 11, Poltava carriers, as a warning to the authorities, declared a strike and refused to run on the city routes, Chairman of the Poltava city organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Serhiy Cherednichenko has said on his Facebook page.

"Today citizens will be told that the stoppage of public transport is an action against fuel price hikes. But in reality, this is a warning strike by Poltava carriers," he said.

The main protest action is scheduled for October 16. The current transport stoppage is a clear demonstration of a future catastrophe and a reaction to indifference of the Poltava City Hall to the problem of raising tariffs.

"Yesterday, bus owners brought a warning letter to the rebels and populists. And today, thousands of Poltava citizens did not get to work because of populism, lies and misunderstanding of the important processes by Shamota, Kaplin and Matkovsky," Cherednichenko said.

Carriers insist that due to the rise in price of fuel and a large number of categories of passengers entitled with benefits, they cannot carry out economic activities at the current tariff. From May 29, 2015, in Poltava the tariff was UAH 4 in buses and UAH 2 in trolleybuses. And since January 4, 2018 the fare has increased to UAH 5 per ticket.