Kyva about shooting in Kerch: When children take up arms, it is fault of adults


The massacre in a college in Kerch, committed by one of the students, is the result of the degradation of society, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Ilya Kiva said.

"This is not a problem of a separate teenager, a separate region. This is a global problem. Society is not simply degrading, but we have become indifferent, deaf. When children take up arms - it is the fault of adults. This teenager - he did not become a maniac or murderer in one day. So the parents overlooked," he said on the Newsone TV channel.

As the politician said, the information space, which today plays an important role in the formation of personality, feeds children and adolescents with negative facts, and parents do not give them enough time and attention.

"We live in a completely negative environment. What are our children growing up with? - War, murder, rape. We are attracted to blood, violence and dirt. We have ceased to be human," Kyva said.

In addition, the head of the SPU said that today there is no full-fledged educational process that would allow raising normal citizens and members of society.

As reported, on October 17, 21 people were killed in a shooting and an explosion at a polytechnic school in Kerch, including a student who launched the attack. Over 40 people were injured.

Initially, a criminal case was opened under the "terrorist act" article, but later it was reclassified as the "murder of two or more persons."