Kyva: Thanks to street football champions new stadium to appear in Poltava by year-end


A new stadium, for which football teams competed in the Million for the Stadium Football Championship, will be built in Poltava before the end of 2018, President of the Ukrainian National Federation of Street Football, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"This is an honestly deserved prize: UAH 1 million for the construction of a stadium. There were injuries, the game was hard, but the guys proved to be excellent. Well done! We will try to have a playground by the end of the year. For this, the construction site will be determined and agreed with the city authorities in the near future," he said at a press conference in Poltava dedicated to the victory of the team.

Also, the two best players of the Championship will soon go to Odesa to improve their sports skills.

In addition, Kyva announced the resumption of work with penal colonies for minors and announced the holding of the first match early November.

"In 2012-2013, we actively worked with penal colonies for minors, but the war had impeded us. Now we are resuming this activity, we will invite coaches, work with children. And on November 4, the first football match will be held in the colony for minors in Kremenchuk," he said.

At the same time, Kyva said that staying of children in the colonies is "not their problem, but the fault of adults."

"We must show the children who have stumbled, that there is another life. Show that it is better to be engaged in sports... It is our duty and responsibility to foster a healthy society, honest citizens who will proudly call themselves Ukrainians. Our task is for each of them to grow up to be a decent, strong and healthy man, and whether it will be through football, basketball or another sport is not important," he said.

Kyva also said that he would make every effort to ensure that street football competitions are regularly held throughout Ukraine and become an integral part of educational work with children.

"Our main task is that such championships (like "Million for the Stadium"] be not a one-time campaign, but become part of the program for working with children. They must be held annually in every city, in every yard, so that there is a healthy and strong nation. We will make every effort to involve children in sports and healthy lifestyles as widely as possible," he said.

As reported, the "Million for the Stadium" Street Football Championship started six months ago in Poltava and was held with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, under the patronage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the participation of the Football Federation of Ukraine and the National Police. The Championship final was held on October 21 in Kyiv, the main prize of UAH 1 million for the construction of a stadium was won by the Molod team from Poltava region. Also in July, the Poltava team will go to the Street Football Championship in Europe, where they will play with the children's team of the Italian League.